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iPurity is set to become the leader of developing air sanitation solutions in the UAE and is on a mission to increase the quality of indoor air and conditioning through its services.

Our unique ‘green’ disinfection services reduces toxic pathogens across all surfaces and air circulating through your facility. We aim to improve people’s health by sanitising the areas in which they play, work and live in.


Complimentary Check-up

We conduct a thorough free assessment to identify your air conditioning and duct system problem. The Consultation is booked at your time of convenience. We will not disturb your normal daily activities and work will be scheduled in advance. We can even visit in off peak hours for corporate settings.

Duct and AC Cleaning

A comprehensive procedure of deep cleaning is conducted on all aspects of your AC system, including filters, duct systems and air vents.


Our disinfection service is backed by a revolutionary complete disinfection technology. NOCOLYSE is the ultimate and simple answer to destroying harmful bacteria, fungus and moulds that can be found in the air conditioning system. All surfaces, including air duct, ceiling, walls, fans, room furniture, fabrics are thoroughly disinfected.

Corporate Service

Our business to business professional AC and duct cleaning, bio disinfection and air sanitization services ensure that you always have quality air at your facilities and work-space.


Our disinfection solution disperses a specialised eco-friendly bio-sanitizer agent that eradicates airborne and surface-based bacteria, as well as viral and fungal infections.

The revolutionary combination of a 100% chemical-freed disinfection, high-end spraying technology and first-class service can be used in a myriad of environments, such as cars, buses, residential, offices, hotels,restaurants, health clubs and schools.


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